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M-F Manufacturing Company has been one of the leading distributors and manufacturers of Original Super Soft Plastic, Regular Liquid Plastic and Salt Water Plastic including all soft plastic bait supplies since 1970. M-F's first mini catalogs were printed and sales started in 1970. Below is a $5.00 off coupon you can use at any time with a  $50.00 purchase. There may be a limit to one (1) coupon per order. You may also receive free samples and price list included in your order that was not requested in your order @ no charge. Feel free to ask questions on M-F products or where to locate something not listed on our web-site.

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69 - Junebug The Curly Tail Grub - 1.50" - 6 Cavity
68 - Purple ZonkerInternational Suppliers in AustraliaThe Curly Tail Grub - 1.50" - 6 Cavity

Color Chart Picture Only


TP-150-20S - $74.95

The Tadpole - 1.50" - 20 Cavity




K Grub - 2.50" - 2 Cavity Yorker Spout 28-400 fits M-F Pint & Quart Bottles Caps Purple Shad
The Fish RX - 4" - 6 CavityYorker Spout 28-400 fits M-F Pint & Quart Bottles Caps73 - Baby Blue (non-bleed)

The Fish RX - 4" - 6 Cavity

$52.50 - FISHRX-4-6S

Yorker Spout 28-400 fits M-F Pint Quart Bottles Caps

$.40 - 28-400-Yorker Spouts

Color Chart Picture Only




UPS Shipping Information
76 - Coming Soon78 - Coming SoonUPS Shipping Information

Color Chart Picture Only

Color Chart Picture Only





USPS Shipping Information Laminated Bag Suppliers Laminated Bag Suppliers
USPS Shipping InformationLaminated Hanging Zip Worm Bags - 6x4Laminated Hanging Zip Worm Bags - 12x4


WormBag-6x4 - .25 Each

WormBag-12x4 - .30 Each




Laminated Bag Suppliers Laminated Bag Suppliers 2oz-Styrene Jar
Laminated Hanging Zip Worm Bags - 8X5Laminated Hanging Zip Worm Bags - 9x42oz-Styrene Jar

WormBag-8X5 - 0.30

WormBag-9x4 - .30 Each

2oz-Styrene Jar - $.75




1oz. Bottle, Plug & Cap 2oz. Bottle, Plug & Cap 16oz. Bottle & Cap - Pint
1oz. Bottle, Plug & Cap2oz. Bottle, Plug & Cap16oz. Bottle & Cap - Pint

1oz-Bottle - $.90

2oz-Bottle - $.90

16oz-Bottle - $1.20




32oz. Bottle & Cap - Quart 128oz. Gallon Bottle & Cap Plastic Lubricant - 1 quart
32oz. Bottle & Cap - Quart128oz. Gallon Bottle & CapPlastic Lubricant - 2oz. Bottle

32oz-Bottle - $1.30

128oz-Gallon Bottle - $2.20

5102PL-2oz- $3.00




MF RTV Kit 2lb and Catalyst - Make your own Molds Faucet - 3/4"
MF.2lb.Catalyst Only for RTV Silicone RubberFaucet - 3/4"Heat Stabilizer - 2oz.

.2lb.Catalyst Only - $3.50

Faucet - 3/4"

Heat Stabilizer - 2oz.




1 - 24 of 209 items
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