Liquid Color - 1 Quart

Liquid Color - 1 quart
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Liquid Color - 1  Quart


M-F Liquid Color is a concentrated liquid specially formulated for coloring Liquid Plastic.

Now available in 90 colors, a 2-oz. bottle is sufficient to color one gallon of Liquid Plastic.

*For best results add to Plastic before heating

Cap Information

If you need dropper for the pint, quart bottles see the related items below or search through the website for Yorker Spouts. There is not a Yorker for M-F gallon colors.

The pint, quart, gallon liquid colors only ship with closed caps for shipping damage control, droppers are used if you need to count drops. Larger companies do not require to count drops while small pour you own worm guys do and need to purchase an addition yorker spout for this purpose.

Keep the cap for dispersion and shaking correctly.

Color Information

Any M-F liquid color can be transparent depending the amount of colorant added while powders act as an effect additive.

Non bleed liquid colors can make laminants, tails or any part you want to use and not change either color while bleeder colors will bleed or may change the color of the layer, tail or any part of your baits. 

Example; Strawberry with a white tail. The tail will start turning the tail pinkish from the red material used in the bleeder liquid color and can change as fast as overnight. Most transparent colors are transparent know matter how much color you add and are usually bleeders.

All non bleed color can be used in any way and not affect any part you your custom bait or component used. Any color can be somewhat transparent depending on the amount of liquid colorant used.

Additives such as PVC piant, scent, adhesive or any other brand plastic colorant may make a non-bleed color bleed.

Powder colors can be used as an additive for hi-lites for baits or by themselves all depending what you are trying to make. 

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