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M-F Plastic Lubricant formulation helps keep worms and all other soft plastic baits softer and pliable for a lifelike feel. Also used to prevent worms from clinging to each other, facilitate packaging.

M-F Plastic Lube is great to use on all aluminum injectors, o-rings and aluminum molds. Add a few drops in your injector to make injectors perform smoother from any grabbing action, great for safety precautions.

The is a low to no odor Plastic Lubricant, a little goes along way.

  • M-F Plastics have been Phthalate free for over 40 years now along with M-F Plastic Lubricant


M-F Plastic Lubricant recommended uses:

Compatible for all M-F plastics and liquid plastic colors.

Use for facilitating of plastic worms including adding to finished M-F plastic baits.

Lubrication for  aluminum injectors and cleaning aluminum molds.


M-F plastic Lubricant not recommended for:

Hard bait that contains glue on spinners homemade or store bought.

Certain type O-ring not recommended for this type material.

Painted hard swim baits.

Mineral seal oil is not to be used in any application of plastic fishing worms and has never been in any M-F products since 1970.





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