Regular Liquid Plastic - 1 Gallon

Regular Liquid Plastic - 1 gallon
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Regular Liquid Plastic - 1 Gallon - Shipping International


M-F Liquid Plastic is custom-blended, odorless white until heated, soft floating material. It can be easily mastered by the novice fisherman in his own garage with no special equipment. Does not settle out to hard pack, if any settling very soft & easily shook up.

M-F Plastic softener or hardener may be added to change the firmness.


Addition information will be needed for all International orders and will be contacted before the order is processed. A single gallon shipping is approx: $65.00



Heat your plastic until it turns thick almost like vaseline, keep heating and it will turn back into a pourable state state thicker than the raw material approx 330-350.

There is no need to over stir at that point because you will add bubbles in the finished product. If a hot plate is used then heat it like you would old school popcorn, heat pan off and back on so that it does not smoke too much. If you have access smoke then it is too hot.


Microwaves are a bit more tricky, every microwave heats quite different and practice is needed. 1-2 cups new raw material may take up to 5-10 minutes, stirring at the right times not to create bubbles. Testing on your own when to add colorants and glitter to your personal preference. 


heating times will be different for every microwave and current weather conditions.


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